One Membership Many Benefits

Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals & offers and early access to new offers just for prime members.

Free,Fast Delivery

Free Pick & Drop,Dorstep Inspection,Upfront Quotation.

Incredible Low Price

All Services Available at incredible lowest price .

Express Cashless Claim

Same Day Delivery Upto 3 Panel Dent & Paint in case of accidental damage.

Car Repair Under EMI

As of Now our Repair Under EMI programm in Pilot mode will be available soon for prime members.

Money Back Gurantee

100% Money Back Gurantee If Not Satisfied,No Question Asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is vehiclecare Prime?

    • Vehiclecare Prime is a Subscription Service from Vehiclecare that gets you a luxuries Experience and extra saving on car care and repair needs,worth more than 14999 INR.

  • How Do I Cancel My Vehiclecare Prime Subscription?

    • Vehiclecare Prime once purchased can not be cancelled,in case if you have not avail the vouchers,can share with your friends or family.

  • Renew my Vehiclecare Prime subscription?

    • 1. Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
      2. In case you’d want to extend the validity on the same car by using an additional voucher, please reach out to the call centre. .

  • How can I change the car brand/model or registration number for an already subscribed car?

    • Vehiclecare Prime is valid for one car per user only. Unfortunately, we don't allow users to change the car registration number or the car. If you haven't availed any service till now, please reach our customer support and we will help you out at priority

  • Is My Membership Valid in Other Cities?

    • Your Membership is Valid in all cities where Vehiclecare Present

  • Emergency Road Side Assistance

    • Roadside Assistance Will be providd by our nearest service partner up 3 km for free.

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